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Council Recap: Monday, November 19, 2018

Sorry it has taken a day longer than I wanted to be able to get to this post.

Monday was the first official meeting of the 2018-2022 incarnation of Brandon’s City Council. It also marked the first time officially I was able to participate as a full-fledged member of council in the act we have been placed their to do, lead and represent the views of residents in our wonderful city.

The agenda was much lighter than many that will come our way this term, but did have some items moved that have some significance to how council will approach their work this term.

First on the docket was a presentation by the members of the Brandon and Area Lost Animals contingent. You can check out the wonderful work they do on their facebook page. They requested support in initiating a city wide move to have owners register their pets and changes to the way strays are managed in our city. These recommendations will be brought to a subsequent meeting of council for consideration.

Next up was the appointment of Councillors to the various committees and boards in our city. I’m honoured in my first appointments to be serving on three committees and a board. I will represent the residents of Brandon on the Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee, the Brandon General Museum and Archives Committee, The Taxi Appeal committee, and lastly be a sitting member of the Board for the Western Manitoba Centennial Auditorium. I look forward to working with each of these organizations. Also a hearty congratulations to my fellow Councillor, Barry Cullen who will serve as Brandon’s Deputy Mayor, and Councillor Glen Parker who will serve as (Acting) Deputy Mayor through November, 2019.

Next up under the order of enquiries I was able to introduce my question regarding traffic and pedestrian concerns along Victoria Ave. from 26th Street through Creighton Blvd. This was a campaign promise to see this addressed and I was happy to have it on public record that the City of Brandon would look into a possible solution. I will continue to follow-up with members of city administration on this high traffic zone. (For context on this enquiry, visit the link).

Following that, I had the opportunity to move Bylaw No. 7221 for first reading. The purpose of the first reading is to introduce the bylaw into the public realm. It is not open for debate on the first reading. That will come during the subsequent readings.

Some background on proposed Bylaw No. 7221. In March 2018, Brandon University brought forward an application to redevelop their parking lot located at 2010 Louise Avenue. BU also uses the stub of the 20th Street Right-of-Way agreement currently in place. BU has brought forward a request at that time to purchase the right-of-way, of which the purchase was supported by City Administration.

A public hearing on this will be forthcoming pursuant to subsection 290(2) of the Municipal Act. To find out more about the bylaw, visit the link.

All in all that was how the first meeting of council shaped up. As was noted by his worship during his opener on Monday, it was meeting No. 1 of 88 to take place during this term (not including committee work) so we are off to the races.

This is pretty much a wrap for the first public meeting. As an aside, it was nice to be participating right from the opening bell. Gets some of the first meeting jitters out of the way!


Video of the meeting can be found below:

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On anything presented here, feel free to reach out if you have questions or comments. I’m always open to hearing what you have to say.

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