Councillor- Ward 4 University / 20-21 Acting Deputy Mayor- City of Brandon

Home Address

Shaun & Karol Cameron
3016 Rosser Ave.
Brandon, MB R7B-0G9
(204) 724.0334

About This Site

Councillor- City of Brandon
Ward 4 – University.

Acting Deputy Mayor (20-21)

Committee Work

Chair- Western Manitoba Centennial Auditorium Board of Governors

Co-Chair- Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee

Board Member- Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation

Committee Member- Grants Review Committee (Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation)

Board Member- Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba

Vice Chairperson- Brandon General Museum & Archives Board

Board Member, Secretary- Assiniboine Community College Foundation

Committee Member- Taxi By-Law Appeal Committee

Chamber of Commerce- Councillor and Mayoral questionnaire

For those who are interested, I had the opportunity to speak to a number of issues as part of the Councillor and Mayoral questionnaire recently published by the Brandon Chamber of Commerce. I will be present at the candidate meet and greet, October 22nd from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Regency Ballroom in the Clarion Hotel (former Royal Oak Inn).

I hope to see you there.

You can see my responses to the questions at the link below:

Shaun-Cameron- Brandon Chamber of Commerce

218 Replies to “Chamber of Commerce- Councillor and Mayoral questionnaire”

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